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SRS in 2024: GP and STO

Hey all, before reading any further, here's an early warning that plans may change, and I am still unable to predict the future, so this article contains my opinions and plans for STO in the near future.

STO in 2024

I won't lie, STO is looking like it is about to head for it's grave and I'm not too sure about what we could, as a fleet, do about it. The incompetence, to not say any harsher words, of certain parties are leading this could-be great game into something that noone can enjoy for long. Nothing new here, many people have already admitted this and moved on. Yet, like many people, I still like flying my ships once in a while. And combining it with my passion for making weird events, we are launching a Weekly STO Night. Planned for sundays at around 9:30pm UK time (check SRS Calendars as the times and dates may change), we will be running about 1 hour of one of the following nights (or mixes), with more coming if this succeds:

T3-A-Rama Night

Die-a-lot Night

Suicide Night (hardest TFOs available)

Theme Night

Episode Night

PVP Night

Each night will provide 10 GP for every event/TFO done and an additional 10 GP for completing the whole night.

Lastly, and this is something which with my personal irl schedule I cannot promisse to be able to maintain every evening, while the event campaign events happen, I'll try to run daily AFK runs every evening at 10pm UK time.

With the current state of STO, a bigger commitment seems pointless as of now, but we will expand if the new schedule succeeds.

GP in 2024

By now, most of you know what GP is. As GP leaves it's Beta stage, becoming an actual tool used in SRS (, a lot is to change and be updated. For those unaware, while Matt is coordinating the GP operation, mainly on ESO and globally, I'm continuing the works of developing and updating it.

First thing off, if you have a suggestion or a comment about GP, don't hesitate to ping me on discord and I'll do my best to improve it with said comment.

Now, the interesting part. What's coming for GP?

First, the seasons will take a bigger part in GP. Bonuses and/or cosmetics, a lot is to come from the seasonal aspect of GP.

Secondly, GP profiles can become something bigger in SRS. Medals (if I manage to figure out how to make discord show them) will be a part of GP, with occasional events or achievements giving you a fancy new medal to brag about.

Thirdly, we want GP to become more than just a number for you, which is a concept that I'm working very hard to work out.

And, of course, much more...

GP has a lot of room to expand, and a giant amount of things to improve in based on it's predecessor. So, even as STO may die and other games may open for SRS, GP is intended to not rely on a single game, to be the competition of all SRS, and hopefully it will be here continuously improving for a long time.



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