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Join Skyrim Redshirts

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Skyrim Red Shirts is an all-inclusive group of mature drama-free gamers who love adventuring in Tamriel. If you are looking for a social guild that runs regular events, competitions, raffles, dungeons, trials, questing and a little trading then we are for you.


The guild is open to everyone, period. We do not discriminate on any criteria, we are obviously predominantly English speaking but we have folks from just about every EU country and further afield.


If you would like to join us here are some ways you can do so.


You may contact one of our senior members listed below, but anyone in the guild can invite you.





You may also send an email to


or send a request to join using this form:

note: this is a request to join the guild in the game. To join the website community and gain access to bank withdrawals, competitions, crafting requests and more please click here


Join Skyrim Red Shirts

Your UserID can be found on the game login screen, or if you are in a guild you can see it in the roster list. Or you can find it from this link

Thanks for applying, we will add you to the guild within 24 hours usually

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