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SRS Game Points Update

Hey folks, I have finally gotten around to sorting out the Game Points, how they work, what you get and so on, please check this webpage for full details:

You can find this page under the Events Menu item. Many thanks again to Fer who wrote all the code for this.


With the introduction of SRS GP the SRS MRP system and the DPS leagues are now officially retired, I will no longer be supporting them unless there are enormous changes at Star Trek Online, I was going to say at Cryptic but it looks like Cryptic will be no more within the next 12 months and Decca by then will have assumed complete responsibility for the game. I will keep all the sheets and if, and only if, the game is regenerated in a way that I deem interesting enough for me to get back into will I then look at reactivating or restarting some of these systems.

Thanks to everyone who took part from 2017 to 2023 in the MRP system, it was a lot of fun coding it, I did at least learn Javascript and became quite fluent in Google Sheets, all of which I will now probably forget lol.

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