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Many years ago a group of Starfleet officers from the USS Overlord were pulled through a wormhole and crashlanded on the planet of Nirn. Unable to get back they made their lives here in the land of Tamriel. 

USS Discovery

Back in the real world, our guild was founded in April 2019 after many long-time players of Star Trek online grew disillusioned with the game and decided to look towards another MMO. We had a great core of players and we considered each other friends, so the last thing we wanted to do was go our separate ways. It turned out that some of us either already did or already had played TESO, so it was natural to give that game a shot. We all found that we loved it, ironically one of the reasons we disliked STO at end game is because there is little to no exploration, TESO is the exact opposite. 

We wanted to keep the initials of our STO guilds as a homage to the 6 years of work put in, in STO the fleet (guild) was and is called Special Reconnaissance Squadron, SRS for short, hence using the name Skyrim Red Shirts. We still fly our starships from time to time, and if you too are interested in STO then take a look at our website here: SRS STO

In the meantime we are thoroughly enjoying a real MMO with a real trinity, thousands of quests, real raids and a terrific crafting system. Our guild is growing fast and will soon be full, it's a long way to DS9 from Tamriel but you know what, if we found that wormhole again I doubt many would bother going back through it!

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