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If you've been playing TESO for a while there is no doubt you will have visited some of these pages before, however, our aim here is to put together the ultimate lset of links to the best guides on the internet to help you in your enjoyment of the game.

ESO sets.jpg

The ultimate guide to all sets in the game

ESO skill book.jpg

The ultimate guide to all skills in the game


ESO - Beginner Guide part 1

10 new player tips


ESO - Getting Started part 2

Continuing the adventure in ESO

Bank Symbol.jpg

Tamriel Trading Centre

An absolute must if you are trying to find a rare item. Save time and money


Tamriel Crown Exchange

A Discord group who will safely facilitate your exchange of crown bought gifted items for gold. Don't take any chances, use these guys.


The Wiki - of course

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