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Addons are just another great reason for playing this game on PC (consoles can't use them). An Addon is a bit of code which sits in your ESO -> Live -> Addons folder and can be enabled (by default) or disabled from the game settings menu. Addons are fantastic for helping you find things like Lorebooks or Skyshards, they can help you buy and sell items, they can give you detailed stats for your performance and much much more. There is only one place to go for addons and that is Click on the image below to take a look. Below are some great addons that many of us use in the game to add further enjoyment and convenience.

Minion logo.jpg

Combat Metrics

The essential combat log parser


Bandits User Interface

A fantastic update to your UI bringing far more information to the screen, it will even tell you when you are about to die!


Master Merchant

If you are even slightly serious about trading or at least saving money you need this.


  • Find new AddOns and 
    install them in a snap!


  • Update

    Keep all your AddOns 
    up-to-date automatically.


  • Manage

    Secure and easy 
    AddOn management.


  • Backup

    Create snapshots 
    of AddOns and settings.



This useful addon will tell you where they are and which ones you've got


Lore Books

Find those pesky Lore Books with ease


Zoltan's Mini-map

Unbelievable it's not part of the actual game


Extended Stats

Want to see how much pen you have, now you can, a must for builders


Chat Sound Alerts

Never miss when you've been whispered to, or when someone screams for help in group chat

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