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Skyrim Red Shirts is an all inclusive guild run by mature people who just want to have a good time exploring Tamriel. On the way we will combat deadly Daedra in Dungeons and False Gods in Trials as well as spend time crafting sets for each other, exploring overland with quests, chatting in game and in Discord and generally having a good time. English is the main language but we have people from all over the EU and further afield. We are not big on rules and regulations, we figure we're all grown ups here so let's act like it. Below are some  information boxes about the guild and what you can expect, what you can do and how we can help you.

Guild Hall symbol.jpg

Guild Hall


Our guild hall is available for all to use. Click the sumbol to learn more.

Facilities Symbol.jpg


We have most facilites available, click the symbol to learn more.

Rules Symbol.jpg


All organisations have them, click the symbol to learn more.



Here are the ranks in the guild, click the symbol to learn more.

Bank Symbol.jpg

Bank Usage

A sensible policy we hope you'll agree, click the symbol to learn more.




The very best way to enjoy your guild and essential on complex trials with difficult mechanics.

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