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It seems a lot of us really like to fill up our achievements in the game. Achievements in The Elder Scrolls Online can bag you achievement points, titles, dyes and even mounts on rare occasions. A feature I will be adding to all events is a quick check before we start a dungeon or event of any achievements you can earn, these will be posted to the group chat just before going into the dungeon. How can you track achievements? Well, there are quite a few achievement trackers out there, most of us use Pithka's tracker for dungeons and trials, but now I've added two more. One updates the actual achievement window in the UI and the other will notify you of what you've just done and how close you are to getting to the next goal level. These two addons are shown below, I haven't yet used them but they look promising.

This will add another layer of fun to our gaming time in ESO. There are no associated game points with this, it's just for your enjoyment.

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