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The rank of Scout in Skyrim Red Shirts is very important and we are currently looking for around 5 Scouts.

ROLE: SCOUT (and any higher level) (also any higher level 

As a scout, you are responsible for recruiting new crew mates from all over Tamriel. You will have access to add people to the guild and edit member notes. You may do as much or as little recruiting as possible, but to maintain the rank you should aim for 10 members per week. Becoming a scout is the first step to moving up in the ranks towards Vice Admiral and eternal glory!

Only full members (Mates) and above may apply.

If you would like to become a scout please apply below:

Scout Rewards

As a recruiter, you can earn valuable rewards by inviting people to the guild. Once someone has joined the guild make sure you put in the note beside their name in the roster, note that you recruited them and make a note of their account name separately. When you have 5 names written down message Matt on Discord with the account names and you will receive the reward as follows:

5 members - 50,000 Gold

10 members - 125,000 Gold

You can do this weekly with 125K gold the maximum weekly payout. So if you invite 50 members you still only get 125K gold. However, finding new members is difficult so you will be lucky to hit the 10 per week.

Application for Scout

Your application has been sent, thank you.

How to be a Scout

Recruitment Guide

You may use this text or similar to recruit in the zone chat, just copy and paste it into the game (leave the H1 code as this links directly to the guild finder)

Join |H1:guild:544048|hSkyrim Red Shirts|h for easy-going casual and fun events daily, no pressure, no drama, no elitism. We offer build advice and our events are listed on discord, we have a stocked guild hall, prizes,  website Apply or whisper if you want to join in the fun.

People will either apply using the link to the guild (that's what the H1:guild:544048 is) or whisper to you.

If they apply you will get a notification, just accept the player or if for some reason you don't like the look of that player you can reject the application. Once you accept it they will almost immediately join the guild. Then you should welcome them to the guild in guild chat.

If they whisper to you then you need to go to the guild page (default is "G"), select the roster page and then "Add member" (default key is E). You need to type the first few letters of their name in the box that opens and a drop down list of players will appear, select the name and then add to the guild. Once they join (you are notified) welcome them to the guild.

Once a player has joined, open up the member notes of that new player in the roster and simply type the date in Day:Month:Year format, e.g. 01/06/19, your name as the recruiter and save.

They will then be promoted after 3 days in the guild. Promotion may also be added to the Scout role, we are considering this.

When you have recruited about 5 to 10 people then past the following into Guild chat:

Paste 1:

Welcome to all the recruits. If any of you have any questions please ask here. The MOTD has most of the useful information, including www links. You will be promoted to full member after a few days. Feel free to form groups in this chat for any event. Enjoy your time with SRS. To type in guild chat use /guild1 or if this is your second, /guild2

Paste 2:

To enter competitions, just register on our website, a new competition is coming soon -


You may use a different method but please ensure you add the member note so folks can be promoted at the right time and you receive your rewards.


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