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The Red Shirt Weekly Bulletin

Fear the Electrocutioner

Welcome to this new feature from SRS. I will be rounding up the week's news from our guild and adding anything interesting I think you may like to know. NEW BUILDS PAGE

Starting off with the new builds page for Red Shirts, you can find it from the main menu or linked here:

I've added the first build which is my Heavy Attack (HA) electrosorc utilising the Oakensoul mythic, an absolute must for easy builds and anyone struggling with two-bar builds. I've also added a builds discussion chat channel to our discord. Talk about builds we post there and post your own for inclusion on the website. The build will be tested and if good enough will be published, and the builder will receive 100 SRS Game Points (GP). Here is a link to the Discord: GP points

GP point allocation has been added to each event in the Discord Events list, so check out how many you can earn each day. Here is the current GP scores and this list is updated each Saturday. Very soon I will be publishing the prizes for this year. GP can be earned in ESO and Star Trek Online, although the latter is not played much by members nowadays we do aim to have one evening a week for STO which is currently on Wednesdays. However tomorrow (23rd) we will be holding a livestream and playing through all the new content so don't blink or you'll miss it (joking aside it should last a couple of hours). Recruitment

Why not recruit for Red Shirts, the more people we have in the guild the easier it is for all of us to queue for Dungeons and Trials and I'd love to see a World Boss event with 40 of us rampaging across Tamriel. There are also rewards for recruiting: "5 members - 50,000 Gold

10 members - 125,000 Gold

You can do this weekly with 125K gold the maximum weekly payout. So if you invite 50 members you still only get 125K gold. However, finding new members is difficult so you will be lucky to hit the 10 per week." See our recruiting vacancies page for more details:

It's currently the Guilds and Glory Celebration Event, you can earn some fantastic rewards over the next few days so don't miss out, so far I've earned about 500K gold from the items I've collected, that's about £10 worth of gold just by playing the game. Join us in the evenings from around 7:30 pm onwards. (UTC/GMT)

The Gold Road was the big reveal for this 10th anniversary of ESO and what a year it's cracking up to be, take a look at what's in store on this page:

You can catch the trailer here:

A new zone which looks huge with three diverse biomes, a new long-forgotten Deadric Prince, a new 12-man trial, two dungeons, two new companions, a housing update, a PvP update, and around 30 hours of questing content (based on the average player, your mileage may vary, for me I can double that because I explore everything). The year ahead looks absolutely dope, and there's a ton more that they wouldn't even tell us about on the LS. So what are you waiting for, make sure you join us, if you are not in the guild because you left or because you're new here then you'll find the join button at the top of the page, so go on, smash that bad boy button and join us each evening. Discord is not essential but it certainly adds a lot to the gaming experience. See you at the way shrine


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