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A powerful Werewolf Build with great sustain, damage and resilience


The goal of this Werewolf build is not maximum DPS but good enough DPS whilst having good survivability, resource management and the ability to last the entire length of most dungeons. With the latest update (Update 42 Gold Road) the ESO doggy has been given a few buffs, more bleed damage, haemorrhaging status effects and a taunt. The best of the bleed effects are in the berserker form of the werewolf, but that comes with significant cons, mainly your werewolf form will expire very quickly, even with other werewolves nearby. That's why we are using the Pack Leader variant as this massively slows down the loss of werewolf form time but the downside is a loss of a considerable amount of damage potential, at least 20K.

Our Hound Pack Leader build parses at around 50K all day long and will not run out of resources. We utilise the Twice Born Star set to enable two Mundus Stone boons, these are the Thief for critical chance and the Serpent for extra stamina resource recovery. In addition, our other set is the omnipresent Pillars of Nirn, quite easy to get from Falkreath Hold.

Our monster set is the usual one-piece Slimecraw for the biggest crit buff from a single piece in the game and our mythic is the Shapeshifter's Chain, which reduces the cost of our werewolf abilities by 15%.

With a stamina potion or tristat and a good food our recovery is over 3000 stamina per second and combined with the mythic and light attacks we can spam our Howl of Despair all day long and not run out of resources.

Our race is Nord for additional resistances and the extra ultimate generation is handy if we occasionally have to regenerate enough ultimate to get back into doggo form.

Skills Used - Click image to learn more

NOTE: Should we care about what's slotted on our bar when in human form? yes, these are my recommendations:
Four x Fighter's Guild abilities for a direct increase in weapon damage of 12% when you've activated the Slayer Passive.

Also slot Revealing Flare from the Alliance War Support skill line as it gives a constant 10% damage mitigation by offering you Major protection when slotted.

So slot:

Ring of Preservation, Barbed Trap, Silver shards and Camouflaged Hunter ( the latter gives major savagery, prophecy and can give minor berserk for 5 seconds when attacking an enemy's flank)

Brutal Pounce.JPG
hircine's fortitude.JPG
Ferocious Roar.JPG
Howl of despair.JPG
Claws of Anguish.JPG

Brutal Pounce

Hircine's Fortitude

Ferocious Roar

Howl of Despair

Claws of Anguish

Pack Leader.JPG

Pack Leader


The werewolf's power relies on having good sustain and a long time in werewolf form. Over 3000 stamina sustain is enough to spam your howl of despair without running out and if you do get low, you can use another potion, a heavy attack, or your Hircine Fortitude heal, which will grant you stamina if you are at 100% health. If sustain isn't an issue you can slot the lover mundus for extra penetration. The Twice Born is a fantastic set for werewolves.


Brutal pounce (Brutal Pounce again if the target is under 100% health), LA, ferocious roar, LA, claws, LA, Howl - LA - Howl - LA - Howl - LA - repeat.

Gear (click to see info)

Twice Born Star
Medium throughout

Pillars of Nirn
Medium throughout

Shapeshifter's Chain

Slimecraw Head (light)

Weapon Enchantments

Use anything you like for weapons I used maces (hammers), the DW line bonus Twin blade and blunt does not count when you switch to werewolf sadly, however, the trait and enchantments do, don't ask me why!

Remember you will need duplicate twice-born weapons on the back bar because if you switch bars when out of werewolf form and have a different weapon set on there you will lose the second boon, this can be pretty frustrating. However, the back bar weapons need nothing other than white and from the Twice-Born Star set.

One weapon should be nirnhoned with a flame enchantment and one should be charged with the poison enchantment.


Armour should be medium to maximise critical damage (all divine), currently, this build is running around 49% Crit chance, pen is low at 1600 so you may want to use one of the boons as the lover, depending on who you are with and what you are doing (eg in a trial it shouldn't matter that much but in a pug vet dungeon you may want to consider going pen at the cost of crit or stam recovery.

Slimecraw is the best one-piece bonus in the game to critical strike so you need that. Pillars come from Falkreath Hold and you can farm it on normal. Remember to get as many pieces from all the sets in Falkreath or any dungeon you are farming to reduce the cost of transmutation and to increase the chance of the final boss dropping the weapon you want. These weapons are curated so you won't get them twice. Twice-Born Star is a craftable set.


Weapons - Poisoned Weapon and flame
Armour - All max stamina
Shapeshifter's chain, ring and necklace - Bloodthirsty with stamina recovery



Champion Points
Here are the slottables for the Champion Points:

Wrathful Strikes
Weapons Expert

Boundless Vitality
Bloody Renewal

All Optional

Resource Management (Potions and Food)

For ease of use go with the Artaeum Takeaway broth and Essence of Weapon Power for the potion.

Keep your potions up all the time for maximum benefits.


weapon power potion2.JPG

To make it, you will need Lorkhan’s Tears and any one of the combinations listed below:

Dragonthorn, Blessed Thistle, Water Hyacinthe
Dragonthorn, Blessed Thistle, Wormwood



The thief
The Serpent (stam recovery) or The Lover (Pen)


Not really super important but I am using Nord for the increased ultimate generation to get back into werewolf form quicker as well as significantly stronger resists.

Essential Addon - Werewolf Timer Bar linked here

You just got into a dungeon, you're ripping the enemies to shred and you accidently hit your ultimate and lose doggo form, annoying or what! With this addon you can lock the ultimate key very easily and prevent that happening.


timer bar.jpg
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