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One Bar Devastation from the Arcanist with our

290K sustained on trial dummies x 8 
Updated 9th May 2024


Welcome to the Arcane Fury build from Skyrim Red Shirts. This build utilises the Oakensoul Ring for tremendous power, survivability, and ease of use. It uses skills from the Herald of the Tome skill line and the Soldier of Apocrypha skill line. The main attack is the Pragmatic Fatecarver skill, sometimes called the Bible Beam as it originates from the Arcanist's Book of the Arcane, it is a potent beam-like weapon that does Area of Effect damage (AoE) as well as single target damage, trash mobs vanish before your eyes on overland and normal dungeons and don't take much longer on veteran content and trials. The build isn't the best for target dummies or trial bosses, it will hold its own but is designed for clearing away adds and trash. For example, a Trial Target Dummy parse for this build is around 70K DPS but on 8 target skeletons, it holds 290K with an alpha attack of 365K. A single target arcanist build will be added in the future. Oh, and this build is straightforward and a huge amount of fun to use, it's like god mode on all but the toughest enemies.

Skills Used - Click image to learn more

Fulminating Rune Icon.JPG

Fulminating Rune

Cruxweaver armour.JPG

Cruxweaver Armour

Inspired Scholarship.JPG

Inspired Scholarship

cephaliarch's flail.JPG

Cephaliarch's Flail

Pragmatic fatecarver.JPG

Pragmatic Fatecarver

The tide king's gaze.JPG

The Tide King's Gaze


Now you can slaughter with ease taking advantage once again of the Oakensoul Ring. Yes, this is a one-bar build that is perfectly suited to the Arcanist. The key thing to remember about the Arcanist is that its power depends on Crux. These are the three triangles you see floating around your body. There are many ways to generate crux, in this build, they are generated from the armour, Inspired Scholarship and the Flail. Each crux will give you an increase in damage and a reduction in the cost of that damage. For example with all three Crux points your Fatecarver deals 33% more damage and uses 16% fewer resources. So Crux generation is critical, as is keeping crux up as much as possible. But, don't worry this is easy peasy with this build. Let's go through it.

Cruxweaver Armour will generate a Crux once every 5 seconds if your armour is struck.

Inspired Scholarship will generate a Crux if you don't have any when you strike an enemy with your weapon. So on this build, a light attack with the daggers is crucial for generating ultimate and increasing and maintaining Crux.

Cephaliarch's Flail generates Crux every time it hits a target.

So using those three Crux Generators is critical for any Arcanist build.


Armour - Inspired Scholarship - Rune - Flail (twice, inspired scholarship adds one, you aim to maintain three) - Light Attack (LA) - Fatecarver - Flail x 2 Fatecarver - LA- Rune
Repeat - Use the flail if you are getting low on Crux

NOTE: The Flail is also an execute on enemies below 50% health, so you may want to use the Flail more when the target's health is lower (deals up to 100% more damage)

You may need the flail for healing which would break the rotation, just get back into it as soon as you can.

Gear (click to see info)

Deadly Strike Set (medium) Armcops, Jack, Belt, Ring, Necklace

Pillars of Nirn (medium) boots, guards, bracers, daggers

Oakensoul Ring

Slimecraw Head (Heavy)

Weapon Enchantments

Using mauls or hammers instead of daggers will increase penetration at the expense of crit. 
Regardless, one dagger should be nirnhoned with a flame enchantment and one should be charged with the poison enchantment.


Armour should be medium to maximise critical damage (all divine), this build already has 6000 pen and in dungeons, you will pick up more from your teammates. The build is 49% Critical Damage and 49% Critical Chance (above base loading of 50%).

Slimecraw is the best one-piece bonus in the game to critical strike so you need that. You could go with Deadly Daggers but the cost is very high on the guild markets. Deadly comes from Cyrodill or guild traders. Pillars come from Falkreath Hold and you can farm it on normal. Remember to get as many pieces from all the sets in Falkreath or any dungeon you are farming to reduce the cost of transmutation and to increase the chance of the final boss dropping the weapon you want. These weapons are curated so you won't get them twice.


Weapon - Pillars of Nirn Daggers - Precise - Poisoned Weapon Enchantment
Armour - All max stamina
Ring and necklace - Bloodthirsty
Oakensoul - Leave as it is (multi-effect and Triune)


Champion Points
Here are the slottables for the Champion Points:

Untamed Aggression
Biting Aura
Fighting Finesse

Boundless Vitality
Bloody Renewal

All Optional

Resource Management

For ease of use go with the Longfin Pasty with Melon Sauce for food (there are better options but the cost is not worth the marginal difference. Tri-stat potions as shown, no need for weapon potions as the Oakensoul already gives you all the buffs.

This gives 24K health, 16.5K Magicka and 30K Stamina. Stamina recovery is around 1240, Health 607, and Magicka 1000. When buffed armour resists are both at 24K.


Longfin Pasty.JPG

To make the potion, you will need Lorkhan’s Tears and any one of the combinations listed below

  • Columbine, Bugloss, Mountain Flower

  • Columbine, Bugloss, Dragon’s Blood

  • Columbine, Bugloss, Dragonthorn

  • Columbine, Mountain Flower, Dragon Rheum

  • Columbine, Mountain Flower, Lady’s Smock



I am using the Shadow for critical damage increase, if your critical chance is a bit low then go for The Thief. I've tested the following:

At 60% crit chance and 30% crit damage versus 49% crit chance and 49% crit damage, the latter gives about 4K increased single target damage on the trial dummy. Using divines for all armour pieces.


Not really super important but I am using Nord for the increased ultimate generation. Ultimate generation on the arcanist is not as easy as other classes due to not using light or heavy attacks that much, so anything that helps is worth considering.


Seen is the Xivkyn Robe
Breton Hat 3
Dawnbreaker Arms pack for sword look instead of daggers.
Colours are Coldharbour Ash Black and Darkstorm Emerald (to match the arcanist's green flavouring.

Dummy Parse

Here is an alpha attack on the Iron Atronach dummy. This is the best dummy to use because it gives a lot of buffs you would likely get from your team mates in a veteran dungeon, it also provides synergies. Here I have set up ideal conditions. 8 Target skeletons in front of the Iron Atronach so we get the combined damage to all nine dummies and all buffs with the Ultimate ready to hit. The damage spiked at 365,000 damage per second which is incredible (update: I have since seen 465K). This is quite likely what you would see in a Veteran dungeon where the end boss is surrounded by adds. Of course this will drop a bit when the ultimate ends and in a real dungeon you may be stunned or have to avoid danger circles but for an exercise in what this build is theoretically capable of it's a lot of fun. The sustain on this arrangement was around 300K.

Crazy arcanist.jpg
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