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Redshirts Weekly News 12/8/23

Hey adventurers, welcome to the weekly news for Skyrim Redshirts

Many of us who returned to the game a couple of weeks ago or started afresh have now levelled our new characters to Champion level or higher. I very highly recommend you subscribe to ESO+, it's all you need to play 95% of the game and you get an infinite crafting bag, double inventory and receive crowns to more of the value of your subscription, if you intend to stay the course with this game it is absolutely essential. Events

Unlike STO I really don't want to start another MRP system for ESO. I'm much happier just winging it and playing different stuff at different times, however, we may well have some prize events in the future.

Some things to do are:

  • Keep levelling up, especially your crafting. (Send me any nirnhoned pieces you find so I can finish my research on them, more on crafting later).

  • Do the Random Normal Daily Dungeon - it gives a huge amount of XP, good for several levels if you use an XP scroll.

  • We will be running world boss events and Craglorn events when you guys are a bit higher level, great for drops, XP, fighters guild levelling and more

  • When you reach level 45 we can start the undaunted pledges, these Dungeons are a bit harder but have better rewards

  • Treasure Hunt in the Guild house

  • Group Questing (there's a limitless number of quests to do)

  • Dolmen and DLC zone equivalents (e.g. Harrowstorms and Geysers) runs


I have a character who is a master crafter (almost) I can craft some sets with 9 traits and all with 8 or fewer. To finish it off I need Nirnhoned pieces to research. If you come across any please send them to me.

In exchange I can craft whatever sets you want, you just need to send me the materials (mats) to do it. Mats you can collect everywhere and if you are a few short check TTC to find them in various guild stores, here is the link:

If you are not sure about the mats you need I will check them out and let you know.

You can send your request using this form or ask me in-game

The Future

Let me know what you guys want to do. Would you like a structured event program, e.g. Dungeons on specific days, world bosses on other days, questing on other days or keep it completely unstructured and just wing it day by day?

Event Types

  • Structured

  • Wing it

If this poll doesn't work right it in the comments below.


Don't miss the 100% XP boost which still has about 3 days left to run. It's auto-entry so just login and play.

Fare thee well adventurer


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