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Patch Notes 5.0.10


Bone Tyrant Pummeling Goliath: 

The bash attack from this ability will no longer target bridges or targets behind you in some circumstances.The bash attack will now always cost resources, instead of only costing resources if you hit a target. Increased the arc from this attack to better match the visual effects. 

The special Bash augment will now use both your Weapon Damage and Stamina, rather than just Weapon Damage. This Ultimate will now also scale dynamically and use your Spell Damage and Max Magicka if they are higher, which is a standard for our Ultimates that scale off your offensive stats.

Item Sets

Fixed an issue where the Major Slayer applied from Tooth of Lokkestiiz and Perfected Tooth of Lokkestiiz would also apply to damage outside of Trials and Dungeons.


Fixed an issue where you were able to swap out abilities during combat.Bash now scales dynamically in damage, using your Weapon or Spell Damage as well as your Stamina or Magicka, rather than the previous scaling of only using your Weapon Damage. Its total power has been kept the same, but now requires an even balance of these stats to keep the damage the same since it will also require Stamina or Magicka to scale as well.


One-Hand and ShieldDeadly Bash: This passive no longer adds a percent damage modifier to your Bash attacks, but instead adds 250/500 Weapon and Spell Damage to them. 

Mac Game Client

Fixed an issue where the UI could appear to shimmer on the Mac game client for those using an AMD graphics card on MacOS Mojave. Alik’r Desert

Removed the quest "In Search of the Ash'abah" from the Alik’r Desert Zone Guide, as it was unnecessary to the actual completion of the plot and could be missed. Guild Finder

Fixed an issue with the sorting of applications and blacklists to correctly sort by newest to oldest for applications, and alphabetically by username for blacklists.


Improved the accuracy of Weekly and All-Time Leaderboards. The top 100 scores now appear correctly, but there may be some issues displaying scores past 100. This is a display issue only and does not affect rewards.

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