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How to get houses massively cheaper in ESO

Hakkvild Hall 12000 Crowns

So here is a notable home I'd like to get, but I am not prepared to pay 12000 crowns for it. 12000 crowns is around £70 in the UK. That's a lot of money for some pixels, no matter how pretty. However, there is another way. If you preview the home you can see that there is an option to purchase it unfurnished for 3.8 million Gold.

OMG that's a lot of gold right? Well, not really. If you join a Gold Exchange Discord you can buy 3.8 million gold for 1000 crowns! Yes, the current exchange rate is 3800:1. So for each crown you trade you receive 3800 gold. This isn't a joke, you can buy the same house for 1/12 of the price. So how do you do this safely? Well, I did it by joining the Crown Exchange discord. Here you can make WTS or WTB offers and trade directly or through a middleman if you wish. The Buyer will tell you what item they want from the Crown Store, you gift it to them and they trade you the gold directly. Do not do this with random people in zone chat, there is a small chance they may be out to con you. This is also allowed in the terms of service by ZOS so you don't have to worry about doing anything that is against game rules.

The Discord I use is linked here:

Of course, you can use the gold for anything, and this much gold will buy you most sets from guild traders, tempers, Rosin, styles, furniture, whatever you want at massively reduced costs. If you are ESO+ you get Crowns included in your membership anyway so this is a win win. Have fun trading.

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