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Guild Trader No trader this week, we didn't raise enough to bid for the same spot, we did bid 450K for another spot but it clearly wasn't enough. No worries we are not specifically a trading guild so whilst we will bid each week we can't expect to win each week, even some of the big trading guilds I'm in who sell 50 times as much stuff as we did often lose their trader spots. Keep supporting the lottery and we'll soon have enough again.

Lottery Week 3 of our lottery is underway, last week we didn't raise as much as the previous week, just 185K half of which goes to the winner. The winner this week was @NapalmamMorgen who nets a cool 92,500 gold, congratulations Napalm. Trials We will be running two trials this week, nCR on Tuesday and nSS on Thursday. The trials last week had to be cancelled when several people coincidentally had to withdraw for the first and only 3 people signed up for the second. Website member list bug

We are aware that only 89 members of the 107 are showing on the membership page, this has been reported to Wix and we are hoping for a response soon. Other events It seems that the world boss runs, dragon hunts and slightly tougher delves like Skyreach Catacombs are really popular, so look out for a few more of those coming up soon along with some other less well known events. Have fun Mathius GM

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Damn, lots of stuff happening these days.

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