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SRS Game Points Winners Winter Season Prize Time

I'm delighted to announce the leaderboard for the winter season as follows:


mike: 1485

irwin: 1295

zab: 1175

kanyou: 365

ellarion: 250

davidcan: 165

bella: 115

joel: 110

pk51: 80

dare steel: 70

amderion: 50

daresteel: 30

jerry: 30

gerisz: 20

soupdragon: 20

mokey: 10

nelliel: 10

1st place goes to Mike who wins 3000 Crowns

2nd place goes to Irwin who wins 1500 Crowns

3rd Place goes to Zab who wins 750 Crowns

4th place goes to Kanyousay who wins 500,000 Gold

5th place goes to Ellarion who wins 250,000 Gold

The leaderboard will now be reset for the spring season.

Thanks to all who took part.

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