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Weekly News 1/9/23

Hey folks

Just a short one this week as I am off on vacation for two weeks (lots of enlightenment when I get back!).

I think we have all done really well since starting back to ESO last month, many of you for the first time playing the game. ESO is a massive game and you will never catch up with all the content unless you live on it every day, so there's always something to do. When I get back on holiday I have a few ideas I'd like to start progressing, these are: Live streams of dungeons and daily chatting

Video tutorials for new players

Some competitions maybe

Looking forward to getting stuck in to ESO on my return. If any of you need any help whilst I'm away chat with Mike or Ade on Discord or in game, Kanyou may also be around to help if you get stuck. When I get back I will also be starting a recruitment drive so expect Discord to get busy soon after.

Have fun, get those characters levelled up now, remember don't bother upgrading anything until you get to CP160.

Happy adventuring


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