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Venture into the snow-capped mountains of Wrothgar during the Orsinium Celebration Event for bonus rewards in the zone and Maelstrom Arena.

Venture into the snow-capped mountains of Wrothgar during the Orsinium Celebration Event for bonus rewards in the zone and Maelstrom Arena.

The Orsinium Celebration Event will kick off from Thursday, August 8, at 10:00AM EDT and run until Monday, August 19, at 10:00AM EDT. During this time, you can buy the Orsinium DLC game pack on sale and enjoy bonus and new rewards while exploring the home of the Orcs!


Starting this Thursday, you can pick up the Orsinium DLC game pack at a hefty 60% discount. The DLC game pack includes access to the Wrothgar zone and story as well as the Maelstrom Arena. Additionally, you can pick up the Pariah’s Pinnacle home (both furnished and unfurnished) at a discount!

If you’re an ESO Plus member, you can acquire the Orsinium Collector’s Bundle at 60% off. This bundle includes the DLC game pack in addition to the Cave Bear mount, a Cave Bear Cub pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls—ideal companions and equipment for your adventures into Wrogthar’s perilous steppes!

The Orsinium Collector’s Bundle


During the event, you can earn the following bonus rewards when adventuring in Wrothgar:

Double items harvested from crafting nodesIncluding Jewelry seams, but not including nodes spawned from Survey ReportsDouble the rewards received from chests in Maelstrom Arena for both Veteran and Normal difficultiesIncluding Transmute Crystals and Maelstrom weapons!Double the number of reward boxes received by completing Wrothgar's daily quest.

We’ve also added some new rewards exclusive to this event: Maelstrom Weapon Outfit Styles and Orsinium Furnishings.

Maelstrom Weapon Outfit Styles

Throughout the event, when you complete a run through the Maelstrom Arena, you have a chance to receive a Maelstrom Weapon Outfit Style page. Should you complete the arena on Veteran difficulty, you are guaranteed a page! If you haven’t yet conquered ESO’s toughest solo challenge, consider this, in addition to the double Malestrom weapon rewards, the perfect opportunity to finally give it a go!

The Maelstrom Weapon Style in action!

When earned by completing the arena, the pages can be traded or sold, but the Impresario also stocks account-bound pages for five Event Tickets each, too.

Orsinium Furnishings

For this event only, a select group of Orc-themed Furnishings (note: not recipes) are available at the Impresario, with prices varying between one or two Event Tickets each.


The Orsinium Celebration Event also provides you with an opportunity to earn Event Tickets. During the event, you can earn Event Tickets for the following activities:

Two Event Tickets per day for completing any Wrothgar Delve Daily


Two Event Tickets per day for completing any Wrothgar World Boss Daily

Note that you can earn only two tickets per day, meaning how you earn both tickets is up to you! You can earn up to 24 total tickets during this event.

This event is also your first opportunity to earn the Onyx Berries of Bloom by purchasing them from the Impresario for 10 tickets. These berries, when combined with the three berries from the other Q3 events (some yet to be announced), eventually allow you to evolve your Nascent Indrik into the mysterious Onyx Indrik.

Earn the next set of berries needed to unlock this mount!

As usual, the Impresario continues to allow you to purchase all four Indrik Feathers for 10 Event Tickets each in addition to the last event’s berries (Onyx Berries of Budding), and Event Tickets are also available for purchase from the in-game Crown Store.


With the Orsinium Celebration Event, now is the perfect time to once again venture into the realm of Wrothgar and the ancestral home of the Orcs. Don’t forget, if you’ve yet to experience this fan-favorite zone and storyline, you can enjoy great deals on the Orsinium DLC game pack and the Collector’s Bundle (ESO Plus members only) in the Crown Store, too!

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