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Successful Sun Spire and Lottery News

Hey guys we had a great Sun Spire run today, very few deaths and that was even with 4 pugs. Guys, if you sign up to the trial on Discord please try and turn up, if you can't then please let us know. If you turn up at the last minute you may find your spot taken.

The lottery raised 220K Gold this week and 110K went to the winning number which was number 12, Avellach, congratulations. Here are your assigned numbers: Soup - 1-5

Lozzied - 6-8

Avellach - 9-18

Poppett - 19-34

LenarTrickster - 35

RattusMortus - 36-37

Lusankya - 38-39

Scorp - 40-41

Shattren - 42

gray1960 - 43

AnnRaksha - 44

Lottery week 5 starts now. We lost the guild trader despite bidding 750K. Next week I'm going to be looking for something a little different.

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