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New Guild Hall now open

The cooking area with a cooking fire for crafting food & drink

The Skyrim Red Shirts guild hall has moved to the Hall of the Lunar Champion in Rimmen, Northern Elsweyr. All the facilites remain as before. The crafting stations are in the outside area which can be accessed via the portal to the Halls of Colossus courtyard, a magnificent plaza overlooking Abnur Tharn's greatest mistake! The only crafting area inside the hall is in the kitchen where you can create luxury food and drink to help sustain you as you battle Tamriel's numerous challenges.

Outside you will see an Elsweyr Moon Gate, pad and control, however we have limited it's controls so that you don't inadvertently cause an eclipse. Through the gate you will find a genuine Dragon Horn, should any more of the detestable creatures decide to escape from the halls of colossus. There are two training dummies in the area, a 51 million HP trial dummy and a small 3 million Kahjiti skeleton dummy. There is a banker, smuggler and merchant here to help you. Throughout the complex there are several items you can interact with, however we have noticed a bug which works like this: On entering the Hall of the Lunar Champion you won't be able to interact with anything, however once you go to the outside area you can interact and when you go back to the hall once again you can interact, we have reported this bug to ZOS. This magnificent guild hall is far from complete with two new areas awaiting discovery. These areas will be added to later this year when more champion tablets will be obtained, if Tharn can get his act together that is. Enjoy the new guild hall.

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