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Maw of Lorkhaj - report

This was the first time we'd run MoL as a group to my knowledge and most of us hadn't done it before. The principle issue we had was learning what I would call the colour mechanics, once you knew what to do, on normal difficulty, MoL presented few problems. We struggled to get tanks and had to resort to pugging, two of those pugs left as soon as they realised we didn't know what we were doing, but one of them, Captain Reeve, our tank, did a great job as it was his first run too and he even managed to get some other DDs from his guild to join us. I found the runners job tricky because a lot of the time the shadow figures you have to one shot just didn't materialise and if you don't get all six the group wipes. I am not a fan of timed or wipe based mechanics, I think it's lazy of the developers but I must admit this one did put the pressure on.

We need to run this a few more times before we are ready for vMoL, so watch out for a MoL run once a week. Some of the gear, Alkosh especially, looks particularly good. We also need a lot more tanks in the guild, so if you are planning on making a new toon please make it a tank, I guarantee you will never wait to get in an event either with SRS or the dungeon finder! Thanks to all those who took part. Mathius

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