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I'm going to be Elsweyr this week!

Elsweyr, the latest chapter from The Elder Scrolls Online which introduces players to the land of the Khajiit, has launched on early access on PC. The land of Elsweyr is terrific, a fantastic desert environment with spectacular gorges and beautiful caves. But what really makes Elsweyr stand out are the roaming dragons. It appears they fly around for a while and then land in an area large enough to be attacked by large groups of players. The modelling of the dragons and their animations are first rate, which you can also see if you received the baby dragon pet, which is a virtual miniature of the full size creature. There is a new class too, the Necromancer. So far I am at level 18 of my Khajiit Necro who I called Dav Am Al after the first few letters of each of my children's names. Got him to level 18 yesterday and I'm looking forward to working through the quest lines in Elsweyr which seem to be everywhere! The introduction of the guild finder system looks fantastic and is a welcome boost to GMs, hopefully removing some of the recruiting we have to do and being able to link the guild in chat is a big bonus. All in all I'm really enjoying this update, no bugs encountered for me so far. By the way, the Summerset chapter is now a DLC so if you have ESO+ you can now play this large chapter for no extra cost.

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Membre inconnu
22 mai 2019

As an imperial, I feel like it is my duty to bring civilization to the savage world of the Khajiit. I for one support the usurper queen

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