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Getting ready for Update 23 Scalebreaker DLC

Ok so there are a lot of changes here. Healers will have to look hard at their builds, the initial fears over some healing abilities have been addressed but nonetheless you will need to change. DDs can now heal the group with Echoing Vigor, so don't use resolving Vigour any more, combined with Circle of Protection this is a lot of heals per second. There are some significant changes to guild abilities making some of them more powerful than class abilities so you're going to need to take a look at things like Soul Splitting Trap, Destructive Reach and Degeneration, all very strong DoTs. Alcast has done a useful summary of most of the major changes and you can view that here: I suggest you watch this now and come back later for the final patch notes.

PATCH NOTES Final Patch notes:


There is a lot to read here so it's best to hit the link and go over to the main website to read this here:

Synopsis Update 23 arrives alongside the new dungeon pack and brings a host of quality-of-life improvements for ALL ESO players (no purchase or ESO Plus membership required), including updates to Battlegrounds maps, multi-crafting, multi-Guild Trader bidding, a revamp to Undaunted keys and rewards, and more! This post will be updated today...

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