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Dragonhold preview - Twitch Drops

Tune in this Friday, September 13 at 4PM EDT as Zone Lead Jason Barnes and Lead Writer Bill Slavicsek join us to preview Dragonhold, the new zone and story DLC coming in Q4.

During the show, the team will discuss the DLCs new zone, story, and how it ties in with the year-long Season of the Dragon adventure. If you’re excited to take a closer look at the scorched land of Southern Elsweyr, new Dragons, and Khajiiti pirates (!), this is the show for you!

The team will also answer your Dragonhold-themed questions throughout and we’ll have Twitch Drops enabled, so don’t forget to link your PC/Mac accounts. To catch all this, tune in a little earlier than usual at 4:00PM EDT this Friday, September 13, on TwitchYouTubeMixer, and Steam You can watch this on our twitch channel live when it happens:

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