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Zenimax announces Dragonhold for Q4 and Scalebreaker DLC for August


A super excited crowd at this year's Be3 event welcomed Matt Firor to the stage as Zenimax Studios announced the finale of the season of the dragon coming in Q4 this year, Dragonhold features the legendary swordmaster Sai Sahan's return to The Elder Scrolls Online.

Before that there will be a new new dungeon DLC called Scalebreaker. "The Scalebreaker Dungeon Pack will be the next adventure in the Season of the Dragon. Work to contain the Dragon threat in the next DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, coming in Q3 2019!"

The Season of the Dragon cinematic was updated with a 4 minute exciting fight between Abnar Tharn, a rather special Khajiit (play the main quest to find out who she really is) and the Breton. We have featured this on our homepage and below for your viewing, enjoy.

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