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It's been a while since I spent some serious time on ESO and this has only been due to my massive commitment to Star Trek Online. Those of you who are also in our SRS fleets in STO will know that all is not well in that game. I'm not going to go over the problems with STO here, you can read all about those on our other website , suffice it to say I'm done with spending money on that platform and will just enjoy it for what it is.

My playtime now is alternating between ESO and SRS on alternate days. You may have seen a few members of SRS STO move over to ESO this last week to join me and I'm delighted to be running around all over Tamriel with some old friends.

I've also transferred the website to a new domain, so we are free to do cool website type stuff again. If any of you want to help me with the cost of that which was £108 the donate button is at the top of the website, but if not that's fine, it's my hobby so I don't mind spending.

No Structure

Unlike the STO fleet, Redshirts will not be structured other than ranks in the guilds. There are no set times for events, no MRP system, no prizes or competitions, just a bunch of friends adventuring around Tamriel.

So if you've not been playing ESO for a while, come back on and join us. We are just running normal dungeons at the moment whilst a lot of the guys level up their new Arcanists characters and learn the game, but in time we will definitely go for the Veteran dungeons. Also lots of questing and world bosses, levelling companions and hanging out fishing and whilst I said there were no competitions at the moment I can see there may be just for fun some time in the future.

Play Time

My play time is going to be on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and with Saturday depending on who wants to play what.


We are going to need recruiters, all of you at captain rank and above can recruit, it's way easier to do in ESO than STO as there are so many more players looking for a guild. So recruit away, let's get some new blood in the guild.


Thanks to all those 130+ guild members who have stuck with Redshirts over the years, it's great to come back and see so many of you still here. Some time ago as a thank you I did promote everyone who had been in the guild a while up to Captain rank so you can access items from the bank, please use the guild bank and also the guild store. We won't be trading again, it's insanely expensive to buy a guild trader, but I recommend the Coins guilds, I am in Flipping Coins and it only costs 8K gold a week subs, or like me, you can pay 800K gold and get a lifetime membership. If any of you want an invite to Flipping Coins, let me know and I'll see if I can arrange it.

Really excited to be back, watch this space and check back on the website from time to time, there will be some changes to bring it up to date.

All the best

Matt (Mathius Mordred)

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