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Valiant Vet Cloud Rest Attempt

Ok I think it's safe to say that for those of us who had never done a veteran trial before this was something of a wake up call, myself included. Holly hell do they hit hard! Combined that with the Dragon-nerf update 24 and I see we have a real problem. I was rather expecting those to have signed up to have at least completed the normal version but some folks had never even done that, however I blame myself for not specifying that requirement, having to explain how the basic mechanisms work like stacking, shards, portals etc on top of the added mechanics of vet was not ideal. However everyone had a really good go at it and I'm proud at the effort put in, although tempers got a little frayed later on. In the end we attempted normal +3 and almost did it until the RNJesus decided to throw in a curve ball. For now I think it best to stick to the far more enjoyable normal trials with no +++ and just get everyone used to running them. Thanks to everyone who had a go and for those who stayed longer than they wanted to give their all. A valiant attempt for sure. In the meantime for those who are not familiar with any of the trials there are always groups running and calling out for members in Craglorn, go join some, learn the mechanics, buff your build, but don't spend any money on your build because whatever you do will no doubt be made utterly useless at the next update! Thanks guys.

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