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Trials going great

Well guys we ran a great Asylum Sanctorium last night, and for many, including yours truly, this was the first time. We had such a great group that we continued on to do a speed run on Cloud Rest with no wipes! Proud of you all.

Next Tuesday we are going to do the more difficult Maw of Lorkhaj, but it's nothing to get worried about, many of us have done this before on normal and as long as you understand the mechanics you'll be fine. Sign up today to guarantee your place here Normal Maw of Lorkhaj Trial Sign up link As we become more familiar with all the trials we will start to move on to Veteran versions. Some key points I have noticed are as follows: * Always follow the tank * Never use an Ice Staff

* Make sure you have plenty of potions

* Ensure you have enough food

* It's a good idea to have a few Crown Repair Kits * Stay out of anything red

* If you are in a red circle that tracks you get ready to block

* If the boss goes immune from damage look around for the adds that need to be killed

* Stack up, always stack up to gain maximum advantage from the healers

* Remember the trials have a weekly quest with a good reward, don't forget to hand it in at the end. There are lots of guides online for most trials, there are also guides in the forum sign up page, spend some time studying them, and if you can maybe join a random pug before our event so you really know what to expect. Have fun


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