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The Adventures of Almalvid

A Skyrim Red Shirts Character Adventure Series

This queen is so short

You can follow the adventures of Amalvid on our twitch stream most evenings from around 9pm. Amalvid is a High Elf from the Aldmeri Dominion, although she really doesn't care much about politics. She recently joined Red Shirts when her talents were called upon to help the guild defeat the Scalecaller Dragon Priest. Bizarely she too had her soul removed by that beast Manimarco and is fighting hard to regain it.

Lovely view from the Lair of Maarselok

The Adventures of Amalvid is a way of following Red Shirts and experiencing the game when you can't login yourself. There will no doubt be inane mutterings from me (Mathius) and other interruptions from our Discord pals, but if they start farting they will be muted, Amalvid really doesn't care much for bad manners. She also will not steal or murder for those dastardly Dark Brotherhood type people, she does like shopping though and when not training her weird pets she can be found endlessly looking for something to wear in the markets. When she's not fighting Daedric Princes she can be found hunting Dragons and apparently Abnur Tharn has a top priority mission for her to help with as soon as she's done with Molag whatsaface, not sure what it is but involves a Demon weapon of some kind.

Getting ready for the big fight with the dreaded Prince of Darkness

You can find out what happens when she confronts Molag Bal this evening in the "God of Schemes" at 9pm UK time. Subscribe to our Twitch channel to watch and join in

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