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Refundable Trials Tickets

As a result of people continually signing up for and then not being able to attend trials we are introducing a 50,000 gold refundable ticket/deposit system for trials in this game. It takes a lot of effort to set up a trial and the system we have now works brilliantly, thanks to Luna for sorting that out. However if people say they are coming and then don't it severely delays the start of the event whilst we have to go to other guilds and the public to ask for players to fill the missing spots. Last night's event was full for days and yet no less than 5 people let us down which delayed the start by 40 minutes. We understand that people have real lives and occasionally something happens that means you can't turn up for an event, in this instance you need to let us know in time, not 2 minutes before it starts or not at all. In many cases entire trials have had to be abandoned because of absentees. So, if you want to run trials with us now then you need to buy a ticket for 50,000 gold as well as continuing to sign up on Discord as normal. You do this by simply depositing 50,000 gold in the guild bank. If you turn up for the event this amount will be returned to you, if you don't turn up then it will be kept by the guild to help fund future events. Thanks Mathius

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