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Red Shirts Lottery is active. Win flipping great wodges of cash!

Hey folks, we are holding a weekly lottery from now on. This is how it works. You buy a ticket by donating 5,000 gold to the guild bank (make sure you choose the correct guild before depositing if you are in more than this one). You can buy multiple tickets/entries by depositing more gold, so for example 50,000 gold would be 10x tickets or entries. You can choose to buy more tickets whenever you like right up until the deadline. At 8pm on Sunday each week the winner will be chosen by an RNG. Let's say we have 200 tickets sold, the RNG would be a number between 1 and 200. The more of those numbers you have purchased with your tickets the more chance you have to win. The winner will receive half the total proceeds of the lottery, so if we raise 1 million gold and you win then you will receive 500,000 gold. So, what are you waiting for, go start buying your tickets now. All proceeds will be used to further improve the guild house but primarily to secure a regular trader. We will also be using the proceeds to procure prizes for further competitions.

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