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Guild Trader Week is Over... for now

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Well it was interesting to host our own guild trader last week. We only put in a low bid this week and therefore failed to win it. A few facts from the week's trading.

Total sales: 1.552 million

Top seller: 347000

Number of sellers: 56

Cost of trader: 500K

Gold earned: 46K

Pages of items for sale: 6

Comparisons with another trade guild I was in:

Total sales: 47 million

Top seller: 1.5 million

Number of sellers: 489

Cost of trader: Unknown but probably 1 million or higher

Gold earned: 1.4 million

Pages of items for sale: 70

So in order to get the most out of the trader we need more people to post items, however we are not a dedicated trading guild and many folks don't have high value items. In addition, due to it coinciding with the early release of Elsweyr there was not a lot of activity on any of the trading guilds, and the one I am in the previous week made 156 million in sales. Consequently we will wait until another event begins where high value items begin to drop, then we will definitely get a trader. In the meantime, as it costs a lot of gold to hire please consider donating gold to the guild bank at any bank in Tamriel.

Thanks for taking part, looking forward to the next trader week.

EDIT: If you have items on the guild store they are now only available to guild members to buy. If you wish to relist them on a different guild then go to the guild store at any bank, select listing, then cancel each item you want to remove. They will return to your email after a short wait, you can then take them from your email to your inventory and relist on a different site.

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Shit, the local guards shut you down, huh? Told ya they'd check for a permit eventually.

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