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Guild Trader bid lost

Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in our bid for an out of the way guild trader. As this was the first time we had bid on one it was a bit of a learning experience for us, however our intel from another guild led us to believe the 400K we bid would be enough, more than enough, clearly the intel was lacking. We are not a trading guild but it would be nice to have this service for our members, so we will bid again next week. In order to raise enough cash it would be helpful if all members could donate a little towards it, if everyone donated a few thousand gold we could bid on almost any trader and win. We will also have a raffle this coming week which will help raise more cash for the trader as well as offer some nice cash prizes to the first 3 places.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 22, 2019

Damn, next time bribe the guild trade commission. They'll do anything for 50 000 gold and a hug

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