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Dragon Hunts

We had a really successful dragon hunt last night, slaying 7 of the beasts in all. Don't forget there is a daily for this supplied by the Battlereeve in Rimmen.


You may have seen on the MOTD that you can now withdraw up to 10 items a day. To do this please follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Login or register

3. Fill in the form and submit

4. Sit back and wait for your approved items.

Now this is in place please feel free to deposit more valuable items.

Note 10 items means 10 items not ten stacks of 100, each item is counted so a stack of 100 Potions would be split to send you 10.

Also, if there are items of above 10,000 gold in value as per MM then you may only withdraw one of them. In the end each request will be considered on it's own merits.


Don't forget to buy your lottery tickets. See the MOTD for more information, but basically deposit 5,000 gold to the guild bank for each ticket you would like to buy. The winner will receive half of the takings, the other half will go to guild funds.

Scouts We still would like to get a couple of people as scouts. Scouts will recruit people to the guild. If you would like to do this (and get complete access to the bank) then please go to this page:


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