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Crafting Requests

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Need an item crafting? Don't have the skill levels yourself? Then put in a request below for a set item or even an entire set. If someone can do this for you they can answer with a price which should be only for the materials required and no more than 10,000 gold for their time. See the example comment below on how this works. This is a featured page on our new crafting requests page found here: Crafting Requests

When you see something you can craft that you would like to do, simply add a comment below, make sure you start with the name and the set required as shown below.


Hi I need a full set of Hundings Rage

Type: Medium

Level: CP160

Trait: Divines on all except chest which should be infused.

Style: Don't care Enchantment: Max Stamina on all Quality: Epic

In game contact: Mathius Mordred@Mathius_Mordred Prepared to send all Mats, pleases advise what you need, along with 10K gold." When you have received your gear please update the post.

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