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Crafting Request Form is live now

Here you may request any crafted gear. Please ensure you fill out the form in full adding into the comments section things like which set type, quality, jewellery traits etc, basically anything that is not covered on the form. For low-level training gear, the price is free usually, for CP160 gear the price will be 3000 gold per item, this includes Epic Quality, correct trait and maximum Epic enchantment. For legendary gear please ask for a current price.

Epic Jewellery is 30,000 gold per piece and Legendary is 100,000 gold per piece. For those having free gear it is suggested you make a donation of 5000 gold to the guild bank for a full set but this is not compulsory. These prices are guides and you will be told the final price once the item is finished. Unpaid items will be sold on the guild trader and you will not be eligible to use this service again. If you would like to offer your services as a crafter please let me know and I can email you submitted forms.

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