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We have changed the events calendar slightly, it is now a direct link to the google calendar. You can add the events directly to your own Google calendar if you wish. We have also simplified the events that are listed to make then far more open and variable.

@SRS_ADMIN SRS Admin has joined us from Star Trek Online and is in the ADMIN position within the guild. If you have any issues within the guild, anything that needs looking at or moderating, if you have any problems with another member which you can't resolve please report them to @SRS_ADMIN. As a general rule please keep comments in the guild chat mature and game related, we don't want to see politics, religion, or comments of a sexual nature (E.G. ERP, erotic role play) within the guild chat, if you want to do that sort of thing then there are guilds available (so I'm told) that can accommodate your wishes. Breaches of these guidelines will be dealt with by SRS _ADMIN. Lottery & Guild Trader

We have been raising more money via the lottery and this has been successful, don't forget the more tickets you buy the larger your chance of winning, also the more money we can raise for guild activities and the the trader. This week we have made a canny bid of not a lot of gold for a guild trader in Abah's Landing following a tip off that it is not usually bid on. Fingers crossed for that.

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