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Updated Feb 1, 2024

Change log - Changed Champion Points, Master at Arms to Exploiter to take advantage of off-balance targets

Heavy Attack Sorcerer with Oakensoul Mythic utilising Overcharge Ultimate - 200,000 DPS - 1 Million burndown


Welcome to the Electrocutioner Build from Skyrim Red Shirts. This build is not only very powerful but is very easy to use with a very simple rotation of powers. The 200K comes from target dummies in the Guild house and is indicative of what you would see on trash mobs in a dungeon. It's real power is the 1.5 million to dead burn down power of the overcharge ultimate.

Skills Used - Click image to learn more

Bound Aegis Icon.JPG

Bound Aegis

Screenshot 2024-01-20 202919.png

Hardened Ward

Critical Surge icon.JPG

Critical Surge

Unstable wall of Storms icon.JPG

Unstable Wall of Storms

Mages wrath icon.JPG

Mages Wrath

Power Overload icon.JPG

Power Overload


This has got to be one of the easiest rotations to learn on any build. 

The main reason for slotting Bound Aegis is for the 8% additional Magicka, the protection and resolve you already receive from the Oakensoul ring but if you choose to run this build without Oakensoul then this will help with protection. Hardened ward you hit only if you see too much incoming damage. Critical surge on this build is there only for the heals as again you receive major brutality and sorcery from the Oaksoul ring.

Unstable wall of storms comes from your lightning staff and is important for setting enemies off balance as your heavy attacks will do more damage to off-balance targets. The Power Overload Ultimate I use for burning down over a million health in a few seconds, so I usually leave it for the boss and activate it when the boss is at around 1.4 million health, by the time it runs out from it's 500 max cap the boss should be dead or very nearly dead. When targets are at 20% health use Mage's Wrath for a quick finish as it has a great execute. 

The gear and champion points make the most of your heavy attacks so don't change them unless you find something better that's not from a Hard Mode trial then let me know. This build is subject to updates based on new sets brought into the game and new information from other players.


Bound Aegis, Critical Surge, Wall of storms, HA, HA, HA repeat. (Tip, hit wall of storms when the counter is at about 2 seconds, this will queue the ability for you and fire it automatically when your HA is over). Use ultimate when the boss is at 1.4 million health (note you can use it earlier if you want to go God mode on trash mobs, it's hilarious how fast they melt even on veteran dungeons.

Gear (click to see info)

Sergeant's Mail Set - From Wayrest Sewers

Order's Wrath Set (Light or medium)

Oakensoul Ring

Slimecraw Head (Heavy)

Armour should be a mixture of light for penetration and medium for critical damage, it doesn't matter which pieces but make sure you take advantage of the light, medium and heavy passives in the skill book. 

Slimecraw is the best one-piece bonus in the game to critical strike so you need that. I chose heavy to utilise some of the heavy passives. The lightning staff of the Sergeant is a bit of a pain to get like all dungeon weapons as they only drop from the last boss, in this case, Wayrest Sewers. You can do Wayrest veteran to get the helmet then farm it on normal for the weapon. It is easy enough to go through solo but with a group, you increase your chances of picking up the weapon provided your group are willing to trade it with you. Look out for drops from the Golden Vendor as it sometim
es appears there at the weekend (recommended for all good set pieces).


Weapon - Lightning Staff of the Sergeant - Shock Damage
Armour - All max magicka
Ring and necklace - Bloodthirsty
Oakensoul - Leave as it is (multi-effect and Triune)



Champion Points
Here are the slottables for the Champion Points:

Fighting Finesse
Weapons Expert
Deadly Aim

Boundless Vitality
Siphoning Spells

All Optional

Resource Management

Again, super easy as you are using heavy attacks most of the time you are constantly regenerating all three resources, so I am using Tri-stat potions and foods, these are easy and cheap to make for the most part.a

Longfin Pasty.JPG

To make the potion, you will need Lorkhan’s Tears and any one of the combinations listed below

  • Columbine, Bugloss, Mountain Flower

  • Columbine, Bugloss, Dragon’s Blood

  • Columbine, Bugloss, Dragonthorn

  • Columbine, Mountain Flower, Dragon Rheum

  • Columbine, Mountain Flower, Lady’s Smock



I am using the Shadow for critical damage increase, if your critical chance is a bit low then go for The Thief. I've tested the following:

At 60% crit chance and 30% crit damage versus 47% crit chance and 47% crit damage, the latter gives about 4K increased single target damage on the trial dummy. Obviously using divines for all armour pieces.

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