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Addons sind nur ein weiterer guter Grund, um dieses Spiel auf dem PC zu spielen (Konsolen können sie nicht verwenden). Ein Addon ist ein Code, der sich in Ihrem Ordner "ESO -> Live -> Addons" befindet und über das Menü "Spieleinstellungen" (standardmäßig) aktiviert oder deaktiviert werden kann. Addons sind fantastisch, um Sie beim Auffinden von Dingen wie Lorebooks oder Skyshards zu unterstützen. Sie können Ihnen beim Kaufen und Verkaufen von Gegenständen helfen. Sie können detaillierte Statistiken für Ihre Leistung und vieles mehr bereitstellen. Es gibt nur einen Ort für Addons und das ist Klicken Sie auf das Bild unten, um einen Blick darauf zu werfen. Im Folgenden finden Sie einige großartige Addons, die viele von uns im Spiel verwenden, um noch mehr Spaß und Komfort zu bieten.

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  • Find new AddOns and 
    install them in a snap!


  • Update

    Keep all your AddOns 
    up-to-date automatically.


  • Manage

    Secure and easy 
    AddOn management.


  • Backup

    Create snapshots 
    of AddOns and settings.

List of recommended addons:

Achievement Info - real time updates of your achievements as you progress them
AlphaScry - Sort and filter leads
ArmoryLocker - lock your armory builds to prevent accidental overwriting
AssistRapidRiding - Automatically slots Rapid Manoeuvre when riding (can be buggy)
Auto Recharge and Repair - Will always keep your gear charged and repaired automatically
Bandits user Interface - Enormous suite of UI adjustments to improve your gameplay experience
Camera Control - Adjust the position of the camera precisely
Chest Master 9000 - Shows locations of discovered treasure chests
Code's Combat Alerts and Combat Alerts Extended - Will advise you of incoming damage, when to dodge, when to do certain things in dungeons and trials
Combat Metrics - Combat Log and display
Companions Companion Rapport+ - Extends the Companion's menu for lots more settings and info
Deconstruction assistant - Helps you deconstruct items
Destinations - Adds locations of achievements you can track on the map
Display leads - helps organising and finding leads
Dungeon Tracker - adds completion and achievement information to dungeons
Essential Housing Tools - Does just about anything you can think of fto your house, including complete backups and restorations
ExoYs Auto Sheath - auto sheaths weapons when not needed
Fancy Action Bar - A nice UI display of both bars with a large numerical timer
Greymind Quick Slot Bar - Compliments the Quickslot radial menu
Harven's Extended Stats - Adds a ton more stats when you press C to bring up stats
Improved Companion Rapport Information
Inventory Insight -
Shows where anything is on any character or bank 
LoreBooks - Find any lore book in the game
Lost Treasure - Find treasure from treasure maps
Map Pins - Essential for most other addons
MotifHelper - Essential for Grand Master Crafter badge
Pithka's Achievement Tracker - Shows you which Vet dungeon you need to do, which need HM, Speed Run or No Death achievement
Potion Maker - Very useful for saving favourites when crafting positions
Qcell's Dreadsail Reef helper - Very useful when running DSR
Resource Radar - helps identify where resources are near you
Research assistant - adds an icon to items you can research in your inventory
Skyshards - Shows the locations of all Skyshards
Tamriel Trade Centre - Essential for knowing the price of items for trading
Tamriel Trade Centre Companion - Adds master merchant abilities to TTC
Votan's achievement Overview - Updates the achievement window with useful info
Werewolf Timer Bar - For doggos out there, locks the ultimate so you don't accidentally despawn your WW

For all the above, you can download the whole lot in one go including all associated libraries from this link:

Google Drive Link for all Addons above


These addons go in your C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\OneDrive\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns The above is for One Drive users (recommended if you use several PCs to play ESO)


Otherwise C:\Users\YOURNAMEHERE\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns

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