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SRS Weekly News 4/8/23

The new Arcanist is a really fun class and seems quite powerful. Probably the best build will involve a stamina 2H with lots of crit and pen. I've already got that on my DK so I'm going to be building a Magicka Arcanist running Destro. Yes, I know Destruction Staff is not in a brilliant place right now but it can be made to work well, certainly well enough for Vets and trials. I'll be listing the build for basic overland or craftable sets as soon as I get this guy up to level 50. Update 39 at the end of this month does add a little more love to Destro and it will apply or sustain more status effects on targets.


At the moment I am still relearning the game and need to relearn all the dungeons I haven't run for at least 3 years and the many new ones added since I stopped playing daily. I won't be running anything more than a random Normal or specific normal until I'm comfortable leading a group through the mechanics of more complex DLC and Vet dungeons, I also need to wait for our new guys to catch me up, so probably around the end of September (I am also on hols for the first two weeks in September and will not be able to get online).


Feel free to invite your friends, everyone has invite privileges. However, for similar reasons to the events I don't want to start generally recruiting until we know what we are doing again.


We will not be a trading guild, the cost for a guild trade, even remote ones is ludicrous and requires a strong guild with hundreds of dedicated traders to make it work. So I recommend you guys join Flipping Coins, I can send out invites but there are not many spots left. It does cost 8K gold a week subscription but you can sell as much as you want, I usually sell about 100K a week when I'm not even trying. For 800K gold you can have lifetime membership and forget about the weekly sub, that's what I did as it's so much easier than having to remember to sub each week.

Antiquarian Skill Line

This is being released this month, so if you've done it before you don't have to do it again on a new character, it will likely cost 3000 crowns.

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