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NEWS - Oct 14

Guild Trader

We are back once again at Fort Amol in Eastmarch, this is a great spot and cost us just under a million gold to get, so make the most of it. As always check your prices using the Tamriel Trade Centre Website .If you download the executable program from their you can also have constant recommended selling prices on your tool tips and you can update the guild store with the TTC by scanning all listings as soon as you've listed something.


Poppett won the lottery this week, winning 187,500 gold. Week 11 is now live and we could really do with a good week to help pay for the trader, so please buy your tickets now.


We still need 6 DDs and two healers for tomorrow's MoL normal trial, please sign up quickly, this is a great trial and not too difficult if you know the mechanics and are on Discord.

Scouts (recruiters)

Despite asking since the guild was formed and offering a great prize, we still have only one official scout in the guild. Guilds need recruiters to survive and I cannot do everything, so some help in recruiting would be appreciated. Thanks. Have fun, kill dragons, save cats!

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