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NEWS 8th September

TRADER Great news, we have won the guild trader in the Daggerfall Outlaws Refuge, Zulgozu. So time to start listing everything you have. Remember to check prices on the Tamriel Trade Centre website first or at least get an MM figure. We recommend using the TTC addon which will give you up to date suggested prices for items. EU TTC can be found here:

Click on the addon to download the executable. Read the instructions. LOTTERY WEEK 7

Congratulations to Lozzied7 who won 120K gold in the lottery. Please support your guild by buying lottery tickets, we don't charge a fee for membership but we do shell out a huge amount to win you a trader, so all support is gratefully received. REFUNDABLE TRIAL TICKETS After discussion it was agreed that the cost for these tickets be set at 10K as 50K was seen to be too high for some. Remember that you will get the gold back if you turn up. You will of course also get it back if it is cancelled or rescheduled. Please do not sign up on Discord until you have deposited the ticket money, your name will not be added to the signup list until the refundable ticket payment is received. Please write "paid" when you signup on the Discord Channel. Remember this system is designed to protect you from having your precious gaming time wasted by people who don't turn up for events they agreed to take part in.


A new competition will be available soon for registered members to this website, so make sure you register and join the community so you don't miss out on the great prizes.


Why not join our lively Facebook group to chat about issues of the day, upload your screenshots and more, find us at:


We still need some people to carry out simple recruitment. As a Scout (recruiter) you will get access to the guild bank without having to submit a form on the website and you will of course be promoted in the guild to that rank. At the moment, every single bit of admin in the guild is done by me, Mathius, with the exception of Guild Bank sorter which is carried out by PK, so thanks for that Simon. I enjoy it but can't always do as much as I would like and it would be great to get some support. Just let me know if you're interested. There is an application form on this page:


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